Mirades a través (Views trough) "Everything moves, everything changes, nothing is certain, everything hangs by a thread"

November 2, 2020

When you start thinking from scratch about what will end up being a set of works that will be shown in an exhibition, the experiences you have accumulated become present, consciously or unconsciously, and perhaps those from the near past do so more strongly.

The stay in China, new people, new culture, new customs and new landscapes; the rice fields with their repetitive and undulating forms, sensation of movement. The long-distance navigation, the waves, again repetitive forms, in constant movement, always the same, always different. The space, the universe, this place without evident end, a mystery not yet revealed, of which we are just one more dot of those we see above our heads.

For a long time now, porcelain has been my working material. Now I have looked for a different look than usual, taking advantage of two of its characteristics that have always fascinated me: its pure white colour and its translucence. The light that passes through the porcelain makes its pure, cold white become less white and warm. Shapes that were once barely visible now become relevant. The repetition of elements that have a common basis, "always the same, always different", make up the works presented in this exhibition.

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